128th online canton fair held from 15th to 24th Oct. Sept 20, 2020

Sept. 10 th , the ministry of commerce held a regular press conference, where the spokesman gao Feng briefed the relative information about the canton fair 2020 autumn .

The 128 th china import and export fair will be held online from 15 th Oct. to 24 thOct., lasting for 10 days. The online fair continues to play a role of all-around opening platform, helping to promote the foreign trade under the circumstances of normalized epidemic prevention and control. The canton fair will also help to smooth the foreign trade industrial chain and the global supply chain.

wonder group will meet you online this autumn. The two booths will show to you our product lines of high efficiency electric motors and castings applied in motors, pumps and valves, etc. The online platform provides us with convenient forms of communication, such as instant messaging and appointment involving clients and wonder sales.

For more information of products and service, please pay attention to the 2020 autumn canton fairand wonder Electric!

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