wonder For pulp And paper industry

For pulp and paper industry, efficiency level of equipment, flexibility and cost of maintenance are the main concerns of device manufacturer. Wonder, having the complete lines of high efficiency electric motors (from IE2 to IE5), can offer complete motor solutions for the machinery of pulp and paper making industry.

wonder motors are ideal options for the equipment in the operation scenes below:

  • wood yard
  • pulping process
  • limekiln
  • fiber line
  • evaporation
  • bleaching
  • drying
  • power and recovery boiler
  • water and sewage treatment
  • pulp preparation (Segregation, Refining, Depuration, internal Gluing, Adding)
  • paper machine
  • coating and winding machine, etc.

three phase asynchronous motors

wonder low voltage general purpose three phase asynchronous motors have series of technical advantages: high efficiency, reduction of noise and vibration level, compact structure, high mechanical strength, longer interval between maintenance and etc.

thanks to the installation flexibility, wonder motors of relatively lower efficiency level are easy to be replaced by high efficiency motors with lower installation and maintenance cost.

aluminum motors:

frame size: 71-180mm

power range: 0.37-22kW

Speed: 750, 1000, 1500, 3000r/m

cast iron motors:

frame size: 160-315mm

power range: 0.25-315kW

Speed: 750, 1000, 1500, 3000r/m

permanent magnet synchronous motors

  • efficiency indicators comply with IE5 and IE4 level defined by IEC60034.
  • able to output constant speed with load variation.
  • high torque density.
  • power factor correction.
  • supplied with frequency inverter.
  • power range: 0.55-400kW
  • Speed: 1500-4500r/m
  • frame size: 71-355mm

recommended Products:

WST series permanent magnet synchronous motors (IE5 IE4)

SSWE/A series three phase asynchronous induction motors (IE4)

SWE/A series three phase asynchronous induction motors (IE3)

WE/A series three phase asynchronous induction motors (IE2)

WVF series three phase inverter duty asynchronous motors

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