wonderful forced cooling fan Nov 04,2020

as the increasing global requirement of energy conservation, variable frequency and variable speed electric motors are found in many branches of the modern drive technology industry. However, when motors run at low speed, the normal ventilation of the motor could not guarantee adequate cooling, which will weaken the performance of motor or even result in series of breakdown.

forced cooling fandesigned and produced by wonder electric is considered one of the ideal parts for electric motors to solve the problem.

wonder axial flow fanis supplied with independent terminal box. When connected to power supply, the forced cooling fan is able to run continuously at constant speed to supply extra cooling to the motor.

high protection class , up to IP66 , is another advantage of wonder forced cooling fan, enabling the fan to work under harsh circumstances, such as high humidity and dusty air, and indirectly prolonging the lifespan of the fan. sustainability of external fan and of electric motor play an important role to save the total cost of our customers.

in addition, the outstanding appearance and the compact structure of the external fanare highly recognizable. wonder concentrates on the quality, reliability as well as on the aesthetics of our products.

wonder electric offers forced cooling fans with frame size from 80 to 355 and output power from 0.37kW to 5.5kW, suitable for motors of variable size and functions in market.

get your motors the wonderful partner for excellent cooling effect!

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