Lisong training Of production Safety, quality And operation Sept 30, 2020

on september 30 th, Lisong metal industry Co., ltd. conducted a training on safety, quality and operation, and the main persons in charge of all departments and employees of the company participated in the training.

director chen of administration Department, in accordance with the requirements of the company's system, combined with real cases in the industry, to conduct safety education for each batch of new employees. through learning, all employees have a detailed and profound understanding of the management of production safety and fire emergency escape knowledge.

mr. Liu, vice manager of quality management Department, and mr. Ruan, gm of Lisong, reviewed and summarized the achievement of quality objectives and overall operation of each department of the company, and put forward questions, in-depth analysis and positive outlook.

mr. Ruan mentioned that we must establish a sound quality assurance system, and improve the company's management and planning ability, so as to maintain and expand the advantages of quality, and make Lisong brand stand out in the fierce industry competition.

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