successful export Of wonder smoke extraction motors Sept 25, 2020

Although the current epidemic has restricted the flow of people from various countries, it has not prevented the good reputation brought by the powerful performance of wonder smoke extraction motor . in September, a new batch of high-temperature motorwas successfully exported!

wonder smoke extraction motor is designed for fire ventilation systems and can be operated at room temperature or high temperature. under normal conditions, it works with the ventilation system to ensure the air flow in the enclosed space. in case of emergency fire, even under the high temperature of 400, it can continue to operate for more than 2 hours. The fire protection system can quickly discharge the high temperature and harmful gases in the space, opening a safe passage for personnel evacuation and firefighting, and protecting the machinery and equipment safety, reducing the secondary damage caused by high temperature.

in order to adapt to different application scenarios, wonder has detailed customized services to choose, such as: variable frequency drive, anti-corrosion materials, various installation and coupling methods, thermosensitive resistance accessories, multi-speed motor and so on.

wonder electric will continue to provide strong and continuous power for fire ventilation systems assembled in large buildings, channels, factories, shopping centers, warehouses, enclosed parking lots and other occasions!

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